Queen of Alisakki (get_back_alice) wrote in shawlandsacad04,
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ok guys, firstly hi! coz this is my first post here.

secondly, i've been asked by a number of 5th years (ie steve and ashby) about the purpose of this community. they wont join coz its 'class of 2004' and its for us to keep in touch and stuff but i was wondering if they are allowed to join?

is it supposed to be just us 6th years or can other shawlands ppl join? coz surely we'll want to keep in touch with them too (or maybe not).

just wondering.

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eh i dunno i had originally intended it to be just our year but if noone has a problem with them joining then i don't have a problem.

what does everyone else think?

it's actually a closed community cos i didn't want some random new zealanders or something joining so if you wanna be a member and you haven't got the invitation email, post a comment and ill get one sent to you.

no probz from me
i would like to *stress* that me & steve had nowt to do with alice and her mad crazy antics... fankoo
tawkin aboot ashby??

i think you'll find that both u and steve enquired as to whether the community was available to all shawlands ppl. but since you OBV are too embarrassed to admit that then i say:


your entries are refused.

wait, correction:

YOUR entry is refused. steve is more than welcome.